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Fashion & lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam 

Hi all, my name is Lotte Hesseling and I’m a young photographer based in Amsterdam. I’ll try to tell you a visual story. I’m a Fashion and lifestyle photographer. Besides that, I love to make pictures of the most beautiful places and moments I have in life. I want to take you all on a breathtaking journey to see the world in a different way just the way I look at it. 

My specific eye for fashion and portrait. Where I try to work and play with shadows and natural light.


I capture the special moments with my lovely Nikon camera and my favorite analogue camera. Everywhere I go I take them to make memories. 

With my created work, I try to provoke and inspire people. 


The beginning of my work comes mainly from Cape Town. This is a place I hold close to myself. A lot of inspiration, creation and beautiful nature. The photographs of Cape Town are the best memories of the love I have for this city. I want to share this love.

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